1. These rules provide for terms and conditions for entering into distance sales agreements via the online shop

2. Entity operating the shop (Seller): MAWY Marcin Wydra PL6392015398

3. Information and prices published on the online shop’s websites do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the
Polish Civil Code and are only an invitation for the Buyer to submit a purchase offer.

4. The Seller reserves the right to refuse to perform the order without specifying the reason.

5. Prices published on the website are given gross and include 23% VAT, unless provided otherwise.

6. The prices do not include the cost of delivery.

7. Standard shipment time is up to 72 hours, unless specified otherwise. The majority of orders are sent on the same
day. If the shipment time exceeds 72 hours, such information is given in the product description. The shipment time is
counted in working days (without Sundays and public holidays).

8. Goods are delivered by courier, unless specified otherwise. A standard delivery price is:
PL -> 19 PLN
CZ -> 160,15 CZK
SK -> 7,69 EUR

AT -> 28 EUR
BE -> 26 EUR
BG -> 34 EUR
CRO -> 48 EUR
DE -> 20 EUR
DK -> 26 EUR
EST -> 37 EUR
F -> 35,5 EUR
HU -> 23 EUR
IT -> 35 EUR
LT -> 25 EUR
LV -> 31 EUR
NL -> 26 EUR
RO -> 32 EUR
SLO -> 38 EUR

For goods of an irregular shape, large weight or dimensions, the prices and terms of delivery are agreed on a case-by-
case basis. The Seller may refuse to ship untypical goods.

9. Goods may be collected in person solely subject to prior appointment and the Seller’s prior consent. The Company
sells via two channels: wholesale delivery and mail order. Therefore, there is no offline shop with fixed opening hours.

10. Methods of payments:
-traditional bank transfer;
-fast online transfer without commission (fast payments are operated by DOTPAY);
-cash on delivery, solely with the Seller’s consent and for defined groups of goods and Customers.

11. Withdrawal from the agreement
The Buyer has the right to withdraw from the distance agreement within 14 calendar days from the delivery without specifying the reason.
The following products cannot be returned:
-electrical parts;
-custom-made objects;
-goods that cannot be returned for hygienic or aesthetic reasons;
-goods that have traces of use or are damaged.
The goods must be returned to the following address: MAWY Marcin Wydra PL47460 Chałupki ul. Szkolna 12 The goods that are returned must be supplemented with the filled and signed notice of withdrawal and a sales document. We do not collect goods shipped on a cash-on-delivery basis. The money is refunded within 14 days from  the receipt and verification of the returned goods.

NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL you can find below in point 16.

12. Guarantee Terms and Conditions

A. The product guarantee is valid for 12 months from the product sales date, unless specified otherwise.

B. To file a complaint, a product subject to the complaint must be sent back together with a purchase

document and a filled-in complaint form to the following address: Sklep internetowy TRANSSHOP, ul.

Szkolna 12, 47-460 Chałupki, Poland. The complaint must be also sent by e-mail to . The

product should be sent back in the original packaging with all accessories that come within the complete set.

C. The product subject to the complaint will be initially examined in order to check whether a defect reported

by the Customer actually exists, was caused by mechanical damage, inadequate installation, operation or

through the user’s other fault.

D. Feedback concerning the complaint will be delivered to the Customer within 30 days from the delivery of

the product and complete necessary documentation. The complaint handling time may be extended if it is

necessary to perform any additional examinations or replace parts that are not easily available.

E. Under the complaint, the Customer is entitled, among others, to a discount to the initial price of the

product proportionally to the remaining guarantee period. The product may be also replaced with a non-

defective identical product. If the identical product is not available, the product may be replaced with an

available product whose parameters are as similar to the parameters of the product purchased by the

Customer as possible. The final solution will be agreed with the Customer based on present product

availability, etc.

F. The Customer does not have the right to the guarantee if:

- neither a part was installed by specialised service station nor the installation was not confirmed in writing

by that service station;

- a defect results from short circuit in the electrical system;

- a defect is caused by inadequate use that does not comply with the purpose of the product or a user manual

or by excessive use;

- the product has traces of a mechanical damage;

- serial numbers or seals do not allow for product identification because they have been damaged or broken.

G. In addition, the guarantee only applies to product defects arising during production or defects in materials.

The guarantee does not apply to damages arising from an accident, mechanical damages, normal wear and

tear or other damaged car elements or systems that cooperate with the part.

H. In the event the guarantee terms and conditions are violated or a defect reported by the Customer does not

exist, the online shop has the right to charge the Customer for the cost of complaint handling, examination,


I. Complaints may only refer to goods, i.e. the replacement of goods with a non-defective product, a

discount, a refund. Complaints must not refer to additional costs, like the cost of disassembly, installation,

transport, examination, diagnostics.

Complaint Form → Section 17.

13. If for whatever reason the products offered by the online shop are not available and cannot be delivered, the down payment, if any, paid by the Buyer will be refunded.

14. Complaints concerning damages in transit:

We would like to inform you that products are not delivered by our own means of transport, but by third-

party transport/courier companies. Therefore, our online shop is not a carrier, but acts as an intermediary

between a buyer and a carrier.

To file a complaint concerning a damage to the product in the package that was caused in transit, a certificate

of damage signed by a courier that delivers the product must be submitted. The complaint is not handled by

our company, but by a transport/courier company. Without such a certificate, the carrier can reject the

complaint and that is beyond our control! That is why, please, unpack and inspect the content of each

package in the presence of a courier and if you find any damage, draw up the certificate and have it signed

by the courier immediately. It is preferable that you document the damage with photos, which will be very

helpful to pursue your claims. The above guidelines do not result from our lack of will to solve problems, but

from regulations of courier companies, which often reject complaints if the certificate is not signed in the

presence of their courier. Please, be understanding. We protect our packages as carefully as possible. Each

product is inspected before shipment and for sure leaves us without damage. In the case of packages

collected from points of collection or package machines, please make a photo before and during the opening

of your package to present photo documentation to the carrier. If a package delivered to InPost package

machines is found damaged, it can be put back into the package compartment (check procedures on the

carrier’s website).

15. Privacy protection:

A. When placing an order, the Customer agrees that his or her personal data will be processed for order performance purposes.

B. The Customer may also agree separately to receive advertising and promotional materials, including a newsletter, from the shop.

C. The Customer has the right of access to his or her personal data, as well as the right to rectify the data, demand that data processing is stopped, or object against the processing.

16. Withdrawal


The Customer’s data:

Full name;





I hereby inform that I return goods bought from the online shop.

Order number;

Purchase date;

Name of items;

Quantity of items;


Sales document;

Please refund the money into my bank account:

Account number;

Swift number;

Name and address of the bank;

Full name, address;

Please, send the items with the sales document and a legibly filled and signed statement to the following address: MAWY Marcin Wydra PL47460 Chałupki ul. Szkolna 12

17. Complaint form


Notice date:


Name of a part;

Sales document (number, date);

Description of defect, reason for complaint;

Part installation date;

Odometer, at the time of part installation;

Defect occurrence date;

Odometer, at the time of defect occurrence;

Vehicle make:

Vehicle model;

Production year;


Full name of the complaining party;

Address of the complaining party;

VAT NO (NIP), if the complaining party is a company;

Contact person;

Telephone of contact person;

E-mail of contact person;

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